WonderTrack Postural Measurement System

As a chiropractor, you think differently than other health care providers. You find the source of problems, correct musculoskeletal imbalances and suggest preventative care. One important way you do this is by examining your patient’s structural health. Some may use x-rays, some may use posture tools, and others may simply eyeball it. Until now, none of these tools could show your patients how their structural health would compare to normal posture in a depersonalized way. Today there is WonderTrack, a state-of-the-art laser guided posture assessment system. WonderTrack automatically measures, compares and educates postural health all without photographing the patient. With 3 quick steps, WonderTrack delivers a posture report that’s easy for patients to understand, so you can feel confident in justifying your care. Be the doc everyone is talking about when you use WonderTrack posture assessment system.

WonderTrack Accurate


WonderTrack uses laser technology and cameras to accurately measure posture. This makes WonderTrack the only objective postural assessment device on the market. The patient stands in the WonderTrack and the lasers are lined up with hips, shoulders and head and shoulder. The the patient steps away and the camera takes a photo of the grid and the lasers. In this way WonderTrack can place the patients image in the computer and compare it to an avatar of a normal postural stance without creating an image of the patient. Private accurate and objective.

WonderTrack and WonderDoc integrate


WonderTrack can stand alone and create accurate objective reports about a patient’s posture. But the real benefit of WonderTrack is that is integrates directly with WonderDoc. This allows you to do a postural assessment and with a few clicks embed all of the information from that assessment into the EHR of the patient. From visit to visit progress can be assessed, tracked and measured. The patient becomes more educated about their own posture and they can be measured about real health progress.



WonderTrack is portable so it can be used in the office, but it can also be used in the field at trade shows, workshops and schools. People line up to be assessed by the WonderTrack and take away a colorful printed report on their posture with your branded messaging on the report. WonderTrack saves you time and money when integrated with WonderDoc. Just a few clicks and reports are embedded into the patients EHR. WonderTrack is truly a new type of mousetrap that makes postural assessment objective and educational. But it is also a great marketing devise for your office.

Two Great Products - One Great System


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